Party Planning

We host Lingerie, and Adult Novelty product parties mainly in the Canterbury region, however we can do other locations, and via arrangement can do these also in the north island.

As our areas where we have party consultants increases our options and locations we will be able to offer our parties in more locations.

Our Parties can be used for hens nights, stag do’s, work colleagues, friends and family, fundraisers etc. Ultimately any excuse to get a bunch of people together to view some of our range.

Ultimately our in-home parties consist of our consultant, a hostess, and potential customers. As a hostess you will receive a pack, and some special offers.

How do our parties work?
Simple way to explain this is initially it starts with the initial registration of interest by a hostess, we then put a consultant in touch which will arrange a day, time, and the nitty gritty details, we can change the party to suit your particular needs.
In general terms all parties agree and the consultant will charge a booking fee of $100, this is refundable in the way of $20 per $100 worth of sales, but non-refundable if cancellation etc, unless prior arrangement directly with the consultant.
You will then send out notifications to the people in which you want to attend, remembering where you are hosting it will depend on the numbers of people available to be there, but ideally you want more sales (to get your booking fee back, and better deals and offers as being a hostess).

We have a range of stock in hand which can be arranged to be taken to the venue, depending on the wants and needs of the customer we can come up with a range of items that suits. We also have stock books, brochures, and laptops / tablets to view other stock, or order items.

With covid still popping its head up from time to time, all parties must be done in compliance with the contact tracing protocols, all parties will agree too provide contact details and record them in a register as part of the contact tracing process. We also do alternative options such as virtual parties.

Frequently Asked Questions below the form.

To book a party please us the below form.

Book a Party

To register your interest in becoming a Party Consultant (Sales Person) please view our Current Vacancies page.


As a hostess what is expected of me?

You should provide a comfortable area to seat your guests, with adequate room for the consultant to undertake her presentation. In keeping with New Zealand Health Regulations the area should be deemed ‘Smoke Free’
Ideally a separate room for lingerie sizing and a private area for the taking of orders is desirable as this provides all of your guests with privacy and discretion.
Your consultant may also require a standard height table or bench to arrange the evening’s products.

How many guests should I have attend my party?

This will depend on the space you have available to accommodate your guests and presentation area. Consideration should also be given to which hostess rewards you would like to receive, details of these are included in your hostess kit and are based on sales value. However sales value is not necessarily dependant on guest numbers, but rather their willingness to place an order (consider this when compiling your guest list). We usually present in home parties for groups numbering from 5-20 and recommend you discuss this further with your consultant.

What is the cost of a party?

There is no charge. Our hostesses actually earn rewards (NZ’s most generous)based on  sales received on the night of the party. However, your consultant will request a $100 deposit to confirm her appointment. This is refundable at $20 per $100 dollars worth of orders. ie $500 orders = $100 deposit refunded
Provided you follow the tips from your consultant and those included with your hostess kit 95% of hostesses receive a full refund.
The consultant may retain all or part of the deposit should the hostess cancel within 5 days of the party date without confirming an alternative date.

Is there any age restrictions?

All attendees at an R18 Store, Lingerie and Toy Party must be 18yrs of age or over.

When will we receive our orders?

Fast Delivery! All items are in-stock in our Canterbury warehouse. (Unless categorized as a Backordered item)
Unlike many other party presenters we are “New Zealand owned and operated and provide Kiwi service to Kiwi customers.”
We know how excited you are and can’t wait to receive your goodies. All items we sell are instock (Unless categorized as a Backordered item) in our Canterbury warehouse and available for immediate dispatch in discreet unbranded packaging.

Our packers work Monday –Friday and we provide a “next working day dispatch” with most deliveries being complete  within 72 hours of your North Island party or 48 hours of a South Island party. Your Hostess will be able to further discuss your shipping options.

How long does the party take?

The standard party takes around about 2 hours, 1 hour for the consultant’s presentation and 1 hour for discussion and taking of orders. Your consultant will have some games you may like to play, and can be very flexible on timing, so can fine tune the party to suit your requirements.

What if we are planning a bridal shower or hen’s night?

Fantastic! our Lingerie and Toy parties are perfect for hen’s nights, birthdays and even divorce parties. During pre-party discussions with your hostess you can arrange to have the hostess rewards ‘Gifted’ to the guest of honor. However your guests need to know well in advance they are attending an R18 Store Lingerie and Toy party. Your consultant will be making a fun and informative presentation that may introduce you all to new techniques and concepts. An R18 Store consultants focus is to educate and open your minds to the continually evolving world of erotic pleasure