Current Vacancies.

With covid currently still impacting our business, we still have to do some things a little differently, but we are investigating options to continue to provide our in-home parties.

Party Consultant

Our Parties are a way for those who are good at working in sales, as this is ultimately your own business the sky is your oyster, with a minimum fee for your time, the only limitation is yourself. We pay a generous commission on all sales (we think some of the best in the industry), we also offer all party consultants as an affiliate too.

We will likely start some training for our current and new consultants shortly. In preparation to being able to host parties again.

Our party consultants are utilizing the current situation to their benefits and are utilizing social media, friends, and family members to get sales through, some are even hosting “Virtual Parties”

If you think you have what it takes to become a wonderful Independent R18 Store Party Consultant then please do feel free to apply, we are now taking on new consultants.


If you would like to become an affiliate, again this is a contract position and you are paid a percentage of all sales, there is no minimum or maximum you can make, you will receive a commission on all sales, we have numerous ways you can do this, and have no real limitations, you can share our links and banners on your website, share in your facebook page with friends and family, or even create a social media page or group to help sell our products to make commission for your self.

To become an affiliate please CLICK HERE

Apply below

Please tell us a bit about yourself, remember a sales consultant is effectively a salesperson, so sell yourself to us.