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Positive reviews flowing in for Lust Wax (Our in house Massage Wax)

We have started to receive a steady flow of positive reviews for our Lust Wax item, This massage wax was manufactured as to our specifications under our inhouse brand JoannaG.

The JoannaG Lust wax has received numerous glowing reviews, we are pleased this item which took a while to perfect and get, is getting well perceived by customers.

More fragrant options will be available shortly, all based on the same base wax.

Reviews for Lust Wax (Small selection)

A refreshing citrus / eucalyptus scent which is lovely and inviting.

Really easy to use and not thick and hard to massage and play with.

A little goes along way and doesn’t seem to affect my sensitive skin.

By a satisfied customer

An awesome blend which leaves the body feeling refreshed after a massage, no oily residue.

By a satisfied customer

Amazing massage wax that’s not hard at all

By a satisfied customer

Click here to go to the Lust Wax product page

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FREE GIFT When you spend $100 or more at R18 Store NZ

When you place an order with R18 Store NZ and spend atleast $100 then you will instantly receive a free gift.

The FREE GIFT will vary from time to time, however will be listed with what the current free gift is.

To receive the free gift, a single order must be over $100 and will be dispatched with your order automatically.

Current FREE GIFT is “Daisy” (SK5) a bullet vibrator with a difference.

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Win the price of your order back, when you pay with Interest Free Payments.

When you place an order from 1st July 2020, to 31st August 2020, and pay with interest free payment providers Laybuy, or ZIP and you could win the value of your order back.

1 Prize per payment provider, so 1 prize for Laybuy customers, and 1 prize for ZIP customers.

This is to celebrate the 2 payment providers we have, and to give a little something back for the winter.

We are still in fairly uncertain times, so spreading out your order over interest free payments can make it easy.

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Sexual Personalities – a fun game

This questionnaire originated from the joannaG Party presentation, is utilized in our presentations, and has been posted by our inhouse brand joannaG page also. So here it is below.

At Joanna G, we know that Love, Romance and Intimacy (the sex part) is an important part of our relationships.

Every woman has a “base” sexual personality. There are 3 base sexual personalities: The first is the Kitty – Kitties are fun & playful, The second personality is Love, Love personalities are romantic & loving, and the final personality is Wicked, and, well, you are just plain naughty!

Joanna G has created 3 ranges to go with your sexual personality. We have Slick Kitty for the Kitty personalities, Love Inc for of course, the Loves and Wicked Play for you naughty Wicked ones.

Just to be sure though, our items aren’t necessarily only for those particular personalities. It is however more likely to appeal with these personalities.

These questions are sourced from the joannaG Party questionnaire, you can use these questions to determine your personality. Write your answer down on a blank piece of paper.

What group of words would you use to describe yourself?
a. Cute/playful/fun
b. Natural/warm/loving
c. Powerful/naughty/seductive

What group describes your fashion style?
a. Cute & Sexy, revealing just enough to tease
b. Classic & Feminine, something that shows me off without going over the top
c. Sexy, black and revealing, maybe sheer here or there

a. Sparkles and bright colours
b. Mostly eyes and lips in natural colours
c. Dark colours for dramatic effect

Which of these would you call yourself
a. Naughty schoolgirl all grown up
b. Natural woman
c. You can call me Mistress/Slave or Diva

Which would you prefer
a. A cosy snuggle session on the couch
b. a romantic picnic for two
c. A hot, steamy romp

A perfect homecoming would be
a. a hot new outfit on the bed with a note asking to meet at a new club in town
b. a trail of rose petals, bubble bath and champagne awaiting you
c. sexy lingerie & handcuffs on the bed with a mysterious note.

Sex, are you
a. Up for it anytime, anywhere
b. Not bothered, if it happens, it happens
c. Dreaming up new fantasies to make real.

Ok, if you answered mainly A then you are a Slick Kitty Girl. Kitty Girls are fun loving, outgoing and like lots of variance in a relationship. So who are the Kitty Girls?

If you answered mainly B then you are a Love Inc Lady. Love Inc Ladies are romantic, giving and like to feel loved in a relationship. So who are the Love Inc Ladies?

Now if you answered mainly C, then you are a Wicked Woman. Wicked Women are normal by day, naughty by night and like new experiences in a relationship. Where are the Wicked Women?

Now if you are one of these ladies who has an even split between A, B or C, then look at the answer to your first question – the letter you have written for question 1 is your primary sexual personality.

I hope this helps in deciding what you are looking for, whilst also found out some information about yourself, but most of all I hope this was a fun exercise for you.

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Final Days For Valentines Day Deals

Valentines Day 14 February 2020

Our Valentines Day specials run out on Valentines Day, get in quick or you may miss out. 

To make sure any Valentines Day items are received prior to Valentines Day, orders must be completed and paid for prior to 4PM  on Tuesday 11th February.

Our Valentines Competition is now completed. The next competition is for a Prepacked 2/B2 Sex toy value combo pack, read more below.

Some last minute gift ideas for Valentines Day

Can’t think of what to get that loved one for Valentines Day? Here is a few ideas (Just a small selection)

Click the image to go to the products page.

Shirley of Hollywood Bathpack Set WAS $29.99 NOW $19.99

This great bath pack and toilet bag set is a great novelty gift for that special someone.
JoannaG prepacked value pack 2/B4 Perfect for Valetintines Day RRP $500 + WAS $249 NOW $149

This amazing JoannaG prepacked box contains all you need to make you feel sexy.
With over $500 worth of items, and Valentines Day coming up this is a deal worth considering.
This kit contains some sexy clubwear numbers, bodysuits / stockings, underwear, sleepwear, sex toys, lubricant, and libido gel.
JoannaG prepacked value pack 2/B1 Perfect for Valetintines Day RRP $350 + (Sex Toy Combo)
WAS$175.00 NOW$99.00

This amazing JoannaG prepacked box contains all you need to make you feel sexy.
With over $500 worth of items, and Valentines Day coming up this is a deal worth considering.
This kit contains some sex toys, Glass Toys, Vibrators, Books etc.