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Masturbation May

May is Masturbation month, which is a great time to spoil yourself whatever that may be, may be this is adding something to your collection, or adding a toy for the first.

But its not just toys…

If you’ve stroked into a tube sock, humped a pillow like a horny hare, taken hand or vibe to bits, or really enjoyed your detachable shower head, you know firsthand (ahem) that masturbating feels good. But did you know it’s also good for your overall health and well-being? Below, the very real benefits of a little self-love: 

1. Masturbation can help make your pelvic floor stronger.
2. Masturbation can help dull pain.
3. It can also help with period cramps.
4. Masturbating helps relieve stress.
5. Masturbation can make you happier.
6. Masturbating may increase your libido.
7. It may also help men last longer in bed.
8. Masturbation can improve sleep.
9. But it can also make you feel more energized.
10. Masturbating can help improve your skin. 
11. It might even count as a workout.
12. Masturbating may reduce the risk of prostate cancer.
13. It may improve cognitive function.
14. Masturbation is a safer sex practice. 
15. You get to know your body better.
16. It can lead to more pleasurable partnered play.
17. You may feel more confident.

To view more please veiw the article here:

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No parcels will be sent untill Wednesday 9th March 2022

Due to unforseen circumstances (unrelated to covid) we are away from the warehouse until the 9th March 2022, as a result no unsent parcels will be sent until this time.

As a result we are offering a 15% off sitewide coupon code available for use during this time.

Take a further 15% off Sitewide. Simply enter the coupon code “M9NH7PQU” during checkout

Coupon valid until 11:59 8th March 2022

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Are you ready and prepared for if an omicron outbreak hits?

We are starting to see some delays in orders being sent to us from countries who have an omicron outbreak, mainly Australia, USA, and the UK, but this will likely have a flow on effect from local suppliers too. Which means if you are after something now is a good time to get it.

Make sure you have a good supply of the essentials, such as Condoms, Lubricant (JoannaG Organic is Manufactured in NZ) and all the toys etc that you may want.

Don’t be left in the cold and out of supplies if an outbreak comes here, if overseas is anything to go buy the supply chain will be severely affected. Delaying you receiving your items.

We have a wide range of options available now, and or on backorder but you will need to get in quick and secure your items before the supply chain is really overloaded and long delays become the norm.

Remember Valentines Day is only a few weeks away so don’t be left in the cold with nothing.

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Valentines Day Promotion 2022

We are now in full swing into the countdown to Valentines Day, and with that comes a great range of products, a great lot of specials, and we will through in a few extra bits and bobs in all orders made from now until valentines day 2022.

All orders will receive a free sample of Lubricant, a Pack of Jelly Beans,

All orders over, $50 will also receive a free Black Satin Mask, and whats above.

All orders over $200, will receive all of the above, plus also a free 100ml bottle of our Organic Lubricant, these will be sent at random and may be a Natural, or Flavoured option.

We will also run a couple of 48 hour flash sales in the leadup so be sure not to miss out on those, these will pop up at random points.

We have also created a category for some ideas for Valentines Day.

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We are currently taking Registrations of Interest, to become a Sales Consultant.

Whilst we look at resumption of our popular parties, we are looking for Registrations of Interest to become a Sales Consultant.

These are independent positions and are contructural based, work in your own time, arrange the parties to your agenda, these are particularly good for stay at home Mums to help get some extra money and get back into the workforce, or maybe your saving for a deposit for a house, a few hours a week can have some great rewards.

This is like the Tupperware / Avon parties of old, but instead of selling Tupperware or Avon, this is selling Sexual Wellness products, Lingerie, and Adult Toys and Novelties.

The good thing here is most people who attend these events are already interested in purchasing items, or are considering purchasing (Otherwise they wouldn’t attend)

As a Sales Consultant / Party Consultant you are in charge of planning, booking, and managing the party to the hosts needs. But we have options available to you were you can host parties on a regular if you wish, and to help with attendance you can advertise or spread the word of these in whatever way that works for you.

You will need to be 18+ to be in this position due to the nature of the business, will be in charge of all tax and employment obligations your self, we are contracting you to sell our items ultimately, so the more you sell, the more you make.

We have a great remuneration package, rewards system, and even great perks.

If we open stores our Sales Consultants are generally offered positions in the store if they wish to take them.

If you think you have what it takes, not affraid to discuss, sex or sexual products, over the age of 18, and would like to apply please click the button to go to our Current Vacancies Page.

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2021 a big year for R18 Store NZ

We have seen a big year for us here in 2021, we have seen a year of many ups and downs, when we thought it was over after 2020. But year on year our sales have doubled.

We have seen some great products arrive this year, and despite this, the Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Gen is our best selling product of 2021. Will it keep its mantle again in 2022? or will something else take over the best selling product?

Our top 13 selling products in 2021 are:

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We are currently running a New Years Sale which is held anually, this is available until 11:59 PM Tuesday 4th January 2022.

These are discounts via categories, although some items may not be as discounted as some other items among the category.

We thank you for the support you have provided for 2021 in what has been an up and down year, but we have seen significant growth.

This is a sale not to be missed.

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ALL Parties have been suspended until the end of January.

We have made the hard decision to suspend all parties until the end of January at the earliest. This is to allow things to settle from this current covid outbreak and see what else if anything we need to make this happen.

This is unfortunate as this is our busiest time of the year for parties, which does generally make up a good chunk of our sales. However over the last 18 months or so we have seen an increase in online sales.

We do hope to have our parties back up and running in January 2022, we are also working on some alternative ways we can host these to make a safe, fun, enjoyable atmosphere that you all have acustomed to.

We haven’t taken this decision lightly, however we feel its in the best interest to make sure that 1 our staff is as protected as possible, and 2 the general public, our customers are also as protected as best as possible.