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Become an affiliate, now is good.

With the current climate and the hold on in-home parties (To protect our staff and members of the public) we have seen an increase in online sales. People are now after more of a range of items and we are always developing the business model to suit.

Whilst it would be good to have face to face sales such as via retail stores, and party plans, we feel that the online market at this time is extremely strong. What helps this is when people know who they are buying off. If people know who they are buying from they have higher confidence in the company they are purchasing from.

At present, word of mouth, or affiliate sales plays a big part of our avenue for new customers. Once a purchase is made many come back for more.

Our affiliates not only get paid to refer sales to us in whatever means they want, we set you up with a link, provide a range of options for text or image links, or you can feel free to share the link directly with friends, family, on social media, websites, blogs noticeboards or whatever you feel like. The link places a cookie on the computer which lasts for 30 days, any sale which applies in the 30 days.

Affiliates also get a range of perks, from being able to receive discounts on products, access to sample / tester products. One of the best ways to sell items is to test and review, although not everyone’s cup of tea the options are there.

Some affiliates are making some good money referring sales to us, with us also expanding our range over the next few months the potential is extremely high, If you have a good affiliate record it could lead to a successful transition to the likes of an in home party planner.

To register as an affiliate with us please complete the form in the link below.

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Covid-19 Update! UPDATED 7/4/2020

We feel the need to update our position on the current Covid-19 (Coronavirus) situation. As we all know this is a developing situation so any updates will be placed here.

We are a small family based business, with only a small number of non-family staff members, with no physical store, and no direct communication with the public (Except the Party Plans). With that said, to protect us and the wider community we won’t be doing any more Party Plans at this point, you can still register your interest and when we feel like it is safe to do so we will open this up again.

We will be working as per normal throughout this ordeal, we have all sorts of supplies which may assist in any lockdown / isolation that you may find your self in.

We utilize Post Haste Couriers for all deliveries, and at this point there is no issues impacting our deliveries, as the situation is evolving it is probably wise to plan ahead more with any purchases. If you have a delivery it may be likely that you might find your item on your door, in your letter box or even a card to call even if you are home, please don’t be alarmed if this is the case, everyone’s health and safety is of the utmost importance to everyone.

If there are any changes then this is the place to see it, but at the present time all services are running like normal with the exception of the halt on all Party Plans for the time being.

UPDATE 22/3/2020

We have decided to double our commission payments to our affiliates in the light of the cancellations of all Party Planning.

If you are wanting to register as n affiliate please feel free to do so on the following link:

UPDATE 23/3/2020

With the announcement today from Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, New Zealand is heading for Alert Level 4, this means all non essential businesses must close. Whilst we aren’t an essential business, we can still operate whilst under isolation.

This means you can still receive all your Lingerie, Sex Toys, Sex Essentials, or DVD’s etc delivered to your door in a timely manner discretely.

Our Items will be sent via the Post Haste (and wider Freightways Group) of companies, exactly how they will operate etc through this time will be made more clearer tomorrow, However we are assured that they are deemed an essential service and will be delivering throughout this self isolation period. Our deliveries however may take longer than normal depending on how they operate throughout the self isolation period.

We will be running some special offers on a daily basis, Starting on Wednesday night.

Remember to stay safe, and look after yourselves.

We are a small family orientated business, and will be run on a skeleton crew, but we will still be sorting orders from our Warehouse in Belfast, Christchurch.

We supply everything you need to kill the boredom and spice up your life, Get adventurous.

UPDATE 25/3/2020

We as a country is moving towards full lockdown in a few hours, We are able to operate from isolation, and therefore can provide the orders for delivery for pickup from our premises to be delivered by Post Haste / Pass the parcel.

All previous updates are still inforce.

We have added a range of lockdown deals, these will be available for a week and renewed approx midday on Wednesday’s.

All deliveries are expected to be picked up the next day, (Some orders maybe same day) and our delivery time frames we will need to play it by air these are determined by Post Haste, usually one day but sometimes 2day delivery. We have noticed that there has been a few issues lately particularly with parcels being delivered to business addresses where the business is now closed. We will keep an eye on all items being sent too.

UPDATE 7/4/2020

We are finding that our orders are still going out as per normal (although some maybe delayed in pickup and actual deliveries maybe delayed particularly outside of the main centers).

We are continuing to provide orders and have these delivered.

We are trying to limit the amount of times we are accessing the warehouse, we have a clean packaging desk, we wear gloves and masks, wipe down our packaging table before and after processing orders. Our packaging (Labels and Satchels) are stored in a sealed container.

As we are a small team we are only being operated currently by our key management team.

This is to protect your health and ours.

So if your seeking some intimates then please feel free to shop online, remember we have a range of lockdown deals available HERE

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Big things ahead for 2020

Here at the R18 Store NZ, there has been some pretty big and exciting things happening of late, We are currently going through a major stock-take after acquiring the assets of a known brand in the industry.

We have had to move into a larger warehouse, which gives us the flexibility and capacity we need. With all items on our website in stock in our Christchurch Warehouse ready to be dispatched means that we provide the best solution to get your order to you, same day in some cases in Christchurch Area.

We are currently running a discounted promotion on all products for the entire month of January, this allows for you to stock-up early for Valentines Day 2020.

Speaking of Valentines Day, We will also be running a promotion where you can win a pack of goodies from our website, All sales, Subscriptions to our Newsletter, and any review of our products (discretion is guaranteed, all reviews are moderated prior to being published) this is to be drawn on the 7th February 2020 with the intention of reaching you prior to Valentines Day, (Again Discretion Guaranteed, only the Town / City the winner is from will be published, and the winner will be contacted directly.

Remember to keep an eye out on our website as the stocked items are listed to our site.

More Announcements to follow…