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Get 20% store credit back, when purchasing footwear.

Purchase any pair of footwear until Friday 30th of April 2021, and receive a coupon code to give you a 20% off credit available to be used on a next purchase.

The credit coupon is valid for 12 months from time of purchase.
Any pair of footwear from our range listed or non-listed are eligeable.
Coupon code will be delivered with your footwear.
Offer limited to purchases made before 11:59PM Friday 30th of April 2021.
20% Credit only applies to the value of the Footwear.

Purchase footwear under the footwear category, or Click Here for the entire range including non listed items

Some samples of Footwear, but not limited to these.

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In-Home parties, Virtual Parties, and more

Get the girls together.

Covid has played havoc with the way we have done business over the last 12 months, however we are looking at options to start the in-home parties again. There will need to be a few differences in the way these are done and would need to comply with contact tracing regulations, a register for all in-home parties must be kept to protect the health and safety of our staff, and also all attendees of an in-home party.

Other options we offer are virtual parties, and we are looking at a venue for a shop, and a venue for hosting parties. Would you prefer to have a party at our location or your own?

We can even arrange for one of our sales consultants to attend an event if you require something, events have a wide range of influential factors which need to be discussed in detail. Not all events will be attended but to discuss the option of having a consultant at a potential event please feel free to contact us.

If you would like to host an in-home party, virtual party, or other type please view our Party Planning page here.

If you would like to become a Sales Consultant please check our Current Vacancies page here.

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NEW Pleaser Footwear January 2021

These models of footwear have been added to the Pleaser USA Lineup and can be ordered online using our Non-stocked footwear order form at the bottom of the page here

These items are new to Pleaser USA and available to purchase.

All prices listed above are in New Zealand dollars

Please allow upto 14 days delivery of all items which are currently not in our warehouse stock

For a limited time only until the end of February, order any of these models of footwear and receive store credit to the value of 15% of the shoe price Voucher can be used on our website for any purchase, valid for 12 months.

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Some ideas for Valentines Day

We have put together a number of ideas available for Valentines Day.

These items are all discounted and available to be purchased with our payment plan options, credit cards, or bank deposit.

Get in quick with Valentines Day fast approaching, these ideas are ready to go in time for Valentines Day.

Final day to Guarantee delivery by Valentines Day is Tuesday 9th February.

Checkout our Valentines Ideas here.

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Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Gen, Massive Seller.

NZ’s most popular Sex Toy in 2020 was the Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Gen.

This item also was our biggest seller of 2020 despite coming to our stock list about mid year, we have sold 3 times more of these then our next biggest seller. We can’t often keep up with demand on this product.

We currently have 1 of these left in stock and this item normally sells for $79.90 on sale now for $67.96

These are the items people are talking about especially when they talk about “Their Satisfyer”

You can purchase these on our store on the New Auction site 2 Trade it.…/satisfyer-pro-2-next…/109 Or directly via our website

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2020 a big year

2020 Has seen a lot happen, has been a big year for us.

 The last 12 months has seen a lot of positives happen.

This time 12 months ago Custom Group Limited, had only just purchased the assets of JoannaG. and combined these with the online retail store R18 Store NZ.

We have this year re-registered the trademarks of JoannaG, and the JoannaG Logo,
Turned the JoannaG name into a brand instead of a store,
Developed an all new, all organic, NZ made Lubricant (With flavoured options coming in the new year).
Added new ranges to the R18 Store NZ / JoannaG Range.
Developed a new brand “Alt Fashion” which has been designed to have the clothing and footwear without all the kink.

2020 Has seen a lot of ups and downs for many, including us, but I think we can only say that our year has been a success. This success can’t have happened without the support of our great client base and supporters. Without you we might not have made it particularly during the main covid periods. 

2020 Saw the introduction of the Satisfyer pro 2 next gen, this Toy is New Zealand’s biggest selling toy, to our website, this has been a hit, and has been our most successful item this year. Often selling out of stock prior to them arriving. 

View more in our latest newsletter HERE

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We have had a good year this year, and to celebrate we have some amazing deals.

Available until 11:59PM the 4th January 2021 get in quick, don’t miss out.

10% – 65% off all categories. Some items are further discounted.

Free shipping available on all orders over $50

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Its organic, its slippery, its made in New Zealand, its here. JoannaG Organic Lumbricant

This item has been in the works for some time, created specifically for JoannaG from right here in gods own, New Zealand.

It is finally here

All ingredients in this lubricant have been certified organic.

Our all new Organic Lubricant manufactured in New Zealand, specifically for us has been manufactured to meet our specifications and to fill a gap in the market.

General Lubricant can kill the positive bacteria causing the likes of bacterial infections such as thrush.

We have created not only a great organic lubricant in New Zealand, but we also have created a health product, which has multiple uses and can be used as a massage oil.

Safe to eat, and comes in either plain or flavoured varieties.

100% of the ingredients which make up our Organic Lubricant, are certified organic.

A lot of time has gone into this lubricant to make sure it meets the needs, has a neutral PH Level, health benefits, and is of the right consistency.

Packaged in an attractive aluminum pump bottle which is recyclable / reusable.

With a RRP of $39.90

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New items to the Pleaser range during October 2020

Here in the PDF you will see the new items to the Pleaser range for October 2020.

These items aren’t currently in stock but can be ordered online. Approx. delivery times from Pleaser USA is 2 to 3 weeks at present due to Covid-19.

If you would like to order any of these items please feel free to contact us to order, or use the form on the following page

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Countdown to Christmas is here.

We are counting down to Christmas, starting tomorrow (2nd November 2020) we will offer 3 deals each day, available for 24 hours, issued at about 8PM each night.

We will offer 3 seperate deals each night, whilst some deals may repeat, our intention is to offer a wide variety of deals and offer as many items on a good discount as possible over the period.

We have started now so there is plenty of time available to get in before Christmas.