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Countdown to Christmas has begun.

Whilst many won’t want to be thinking about Christmas just yet, Delays shown in getting products into NZ and even in and out of Auckland now starting to show, it is important to get in quick to avoid dissapointment.

If items aren’t in stock then for example some suppliers in Australia where it used to take 3 – 5 days for delivery is now taking upto 4 weeks to get these items in. Usually footwear from the States takes 5 – 7 days and is now showing more like 10 – 14 days with the odd order taking even longer.

This is due to restrictions in staff sizes in Warehouses in both Australia and the USA, from the Current Covid outbreak, on top of this the current outbreak has meant less flights, and more parcels are trying to get through so there is a bit of a supply and demand issue. Most international freight has gone up in recent months, however at this point we haven’t adjusted our pricing to suit.

On this regard, we have decided to offer 4 items on a good special every day now till Christmas Eve. Most items will be stocked items, but earlier in the peice we may include some backorder items.

So at about 8pm Daily we will offer a new range of 4 items on a good discount.

Whether this is for your partner, both to enjoy, yourself, or for a friend etc. there will be something for everyone.

Don’t know what to buy them? Then you can arrange for a Gift Voucher so they can choose their items themselfes. This has proven well in the past.

To view todays top 4 Deals please click the link here

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