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ALL Parties have been suspended until the end of January.

We have made the hard decision to suspend all parties until the end of January at the earliest. This is to allow things to settle from this current covid outbreak and see what else if anything we need to make this happen.

This is unfortunate as this is our busiest time of the year for parties, which does generally make up a good chunk of our sales. However over the last 18 months or so we have seen an increase in online sales.

We do hope to have our parties back up and running in January 2022, we are also working on some alternative ways we can host these to make a safe, fun, enjoyable atmosphere that you all have acustomed to.

We haven’t taken this decision lightly, however we feel its in the best interest to make sure that 1 our staff is as protected as possible, and 2 the general public, our customers are also as protected as best as possible.

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