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Rush Poppers are Back.

Rush (Poppers) was banned in 2020 after the active ingredient was made into a Perscription only medication.

Rush Extra, is the new version, same effects, same experiences you were accustomed to with Rush.

This is the latest edition of the ever popular Rush which was made a Prescription only medication. 

Heightened Pleasure Senses

As aforementioned, poppers can make average sex great! Men get stronger erections because of the improved blood flow, while for women, it helps relax the muscles around their anus and vagina, allowing them to….well, you know….take more pounding. Generally, having sex on most types of drugs enhances the experience, but poppers are safer and don’t cause physical and psychological addiction.

Immediate Arousal and Extraordinary Orgasms

Not only do poppers get your blood flowing, but also your love juices. After taking an application under the tounge, from a bottle, you’ll feel increased euphoria and arousal. Moreover, if you take them right before you orgasm, because of the way they stimulate your body and mind, your orgasm will be prolonged and much more intense.

Anything’s Possible

When you have sex high on poppers, you might lose track of time, space, thoughts and even yourself in a world of pleasure. All you have to do is surrender to the effect and prepare yourself to experience amazing things. This can allow you to experiment and go into territories unexplored before. Let out your wild side for a while, breathe deeply, relax and enjoy the ride.

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