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Vaginal Intercourse

Vaginal Intercourse

Vaginal intercourse is more commonly known as sex or coitus in Latin. It is the act of inserting the penis into the vagina, and is one of the most pleasurable experiences that two people can share. This article only covers the basics in what you need to know, make sure to visit the rest of the site for more advanced techniques.

First Time

The first time having sexual intercourse, for many people, is never what they expect. It is never as fulfilling or beautiful as fantasized about or seen in media. Your first time can be a very intimate experience if taken slowly, but do not expect it to be the best sex you will ever have. For women, their first couple of times will be painful and the man needs to take extra special care in going slow and listening to her needs. From the other point of view, many men suffer from a performance anxiety their first time as a result of all this pressure to knock her boots off. If this happens, return back to foreplay, do not let it bother or stop you as it is natural. When the time is right, everything will happen, so be supportive of each other.

First time sexual encounters are usually fumbling, learning experiences, where both people are just starting to understand their partners body and how to make that person satisfied sexually. For more detailed information on your first time, make sure to check out the first time for her and first time for him articles.


Sex is all about trying to stimulate the sensitive areas of the vagina and penis, how you move should depend on your preferences and the position. Some people enjoy slowly rocking together, others enjoy quick shallow strokes, and yet others love nothing more then the sensation of deep penetration. There is no right or wrong way, as long as both people are enjoying the experience.

A common misconception is that thrusting faster means better sex. Although most people enjoy going really hard right before climax, this point must be reached before the approach feels good. You should always try new things, keep mixing it up by varying your speed and the depth as you build towards climax.

Finding the rhythm may take some time, as will getting your abs, legs, arms and back into shape. Though most positions don’t require a great deal of strength, they all require endurance, so strengthening your muscles is a good place to start.


Please refer to the sex positions sections for ideas and details.

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