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Summer Daze

Summer Daze
I met this very tall and very pretty blonde girl through a mutual friend. We were both in our early twenties. I suggested that we spend a day at the beach, so I came by to pick her up one very hot August day. She got in the car wearing a cute little bikini and a pair of sneakers. She was so hot you wouldn’t believe! Well, we hit the beach and headed to a secluded spot.
I spread out the blanket, and she kicks off her sneakers and stretches out. I took off my t-shirt and sandals, and stretch out next to her in my Speedos. We talked for a while. The sun was brutally hot.
Suddenly she says, “Would you mind if I take off my top? The sun’s great today and I want to get an overall tan!”
Mind? Heck, no!
She removes her bikini top, revealing a beautiful pair of breasts and then she lay back down. Being tall and thin, her breasts weren’t very big, but they were lovely.
We talked some more. I gazed out at the ocean for a while and when I looked back over to her, she had inched down her bikini bottoms just a little, revealing the very top of her pubic hair.
She noticed me looking and said, “Oh, sorry. I didn’t mean to embarrass you. I just can’t stand tan lines.”
Since there was nobody else around, I said, “Well, why don’t you just take ‘em off then. I’m a big boy.”
She looked, “Oh, I don’t know. I mean…what if somebody sees me?”
“Don’t worry about it. There’s nobody around.” I replied.
“Well… okay,” she answered, and she peeled off he bikini bottoms, put them in her beach bag and lay back down on her back next to me. She was completely nude except for sunglasses.
I turned to her, “You know, it’s so hot, I would take off my Speedos if I didn’t think that it would embarrass you.”
She replied, “Go ahead, I won’t be embarrassed.”
Okay, I thought, and started to peel them off. Then I stopped. I mean, I didn’t want her to think I was some kind of weirdo. “Are you SURE you won’t be embarrassed?” I asked again.
“Oh, go ahead, get rid of them, I want to see what you’ve got under there anyway!” she answered.
All right, you got permission, I thought. Remaining on my back, I lifted up my butt and stripped off my Speedo, uncovering balls and penis in full bloom.
She glanced over at me and said, “Yikes!” then stretched back out in a prone position again. Our bare hips were touching. She started to play footsie with me with her long, sexy toes. Then she inched her hand over toward my stomach, went lower, and I flinched when she started playing with my dick.
I inched my hand over to her pussy and started to finger her in return.
After about ten minutes of mutual pleasure, she turned to me and whispered. “C’mon, do it to me, daddy.”
No one was around, so I rolled over on top of her. Spreading her legs and I pushed into her and started pumping.
“Oh OH OH YES!” she groaned.
The hot sun was making us both sweat like crazy and we were soaking wet. While I pumped, she grabbed my face and gave me a big, juicy, French kiss.
“Cum in my pussy. Cum in my pussy,” she whispered over and over.
After a few minutes, we both came and I swear the earth really did move!
After a bit I pulled out, and rolled over on my back beside her again. Still on her back, she playfully reached over and grabbed my slimy and somewhat deflated dick. “Kinda shrunk, huh?” she said.
We both laughed and ended up repeating the same scene two more times that afternoon without a soul getting within 500 yards of us.
Eventually, she said, “Boy, I’m a little sweaty. I sure could use a shower.” So we got dressed, and headed back to my apartment. We stripped off and got into the shower.
We were making jokes and laughing constantly. “Sheesh, do you smell, lady!” I kidded as I washed her.
“And you’ve got a sandy butt,” she said as she washed my cheeks.
I picked up her big, long foot and stuck it next to my nose, then pulled it away. “Yuck, do your feet STINK!” I teased.
“Oh yeah?” she said, going to her knees. “You got a big, dirty DICK did you know that!” and she started to scrub it vigorously.
“Hey, you’re gonna make me CUM!” I said.
“That’s just too bad, isn’t it? You dirty little boy!” she replied.
“Wait a minute…I…OH OH OH…” My dick was HUGE! Straining, throbbing.
Suddenly, she buried her face in it and nibbled the tip. I blew a giant load down her throat! Wow!
After catching my breath, I said, “Alright come here, young lady.” I placed one of her legs up on the side of the tub. I reached out to her bush, but she grabbed my hand and said, “Hold on, that’s private!”
“Well, it’s not PRIVATE ANYMORE!” I replied, pulled her hand away, and started scrubbing. “MMMMMMM,” she purred.
After a while, I found her clit and went to town on it.
“Oh Oh OH!” she squealed. Then I bent down, put my face in her bush and nibbled her clit. “Oh MY GOD!” she screamed. “OH, Oh Oh OH MY GOD!” she repeated and then came like Niagara Falls.
After a moment she stuck out her tongue, rolled her pretty, blue eyes to the ceiling and said, “Whew! You sure know how to wash a girl!”
We dried off, and got dressed.
Sometimes these stories end on a sad note. Not this one. I have been married to this lovely lady for thirteen years now. We have four beautiful children. And you know what? Every night, she still makes me feel like I’m 22-years-old!

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