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Massage Basics

Massage Basics

Getting prepared

A massage should be a pleasant, sensual experience and there many things that can be done to ensure that it is so.

  • Firstly, you definitely do not want to be interrupted, so lock all your doors and unplug the phones.
  • The next thing you need to know is that a good massage is not a quick massage. Be prepared to spend some time with your partner, and do your best to set the mood. Dim the lights, have a good massage area (couches are lame), light up some candles, make sure the room temperature and your hands are warm (not too hot), and soft relaxing music is never a bad touch (make sure it is something your partner will like though).
  • Have your partner shower or bathe to relax and clean himself or herself.
  • Nice touches are; aromas, a sprinkle of rose petals over the bed, or anything that will help set the mood.

Getting Started

Your goal in a massage is to put your partner in a state of relaxation; if you are scared or worried, it is very easy to read from your body language.

Start slowly, be sensitive to your partner’s response and adapt your technique accordingly; while great massages are not the easiest to give, it is also difficult to give a bad one if you keep this rule in mind. Rub some massage oil or cream in your hands to get it warm, and then go to work.

The whole concept of massage is built around being touched, so try to keep constant contact with your partner. As you explore their body, try to do it in a continuous way to help keep your flow going, as well as to increase the intimacy level. If you are learning for the first time, or learning to please a new partner, don’t forget to communicate. You don’t necessarily have to ask if every motion you try feels good, but don’t be afraid to ask if they want something harder or softer, and make sure to listen to your partner’s breathing, it is an excellent indication of how you are doing. Try to keep your movements rhythmic, even, and symmetric when starting out. This will allow your partner to understand what is going on, and relax even more. As you get more experience, you will learn tricks and combo moves to improve your abilities.

Where should you start the massage? Well, there is no one place to begin. Virtually every part of the body (at least the areas that you are allowed to touch) is fair game. Some spots are better then others, and those are usually the ones that allow you to traverse your partners whole body continuously, but there is nothing wrong with hitting the best areas more than once (refer to erogenous zones in the pleasing women and men sections) as long as you don’t dwell too intensely on more sensitive areas.

Starting with a Foot massage and moving up is one way to go about it … another is starting at the Head and working your way down. We want to reiterate, there is no one way of doing massage, so start wherever you are comfortable … just keep experimenting. A suggestion for first timers would be to start with the Back … at the shoulders, then go to the neck, scalp, run your fingers down to his or her shoulders, arms, upper back, lower back, buttocks, thighs, calves, and then feet; then flip him or her over and work back up. Some areas are better massaged softly, others are better if they are massaged deeper, so start trying! As you gain experience, the whole process will become second nature.

How to use your hands

Again, there is no right or wrong way! We have found that using your finger tips softly in softer and more sensitive areas, and using your full hand, especially your thumbs, works wonders on large, commonly sore, muscle areas like the outer thighs and shoulders. If you are ever unsure, start softly and progressively massage deeper carefully monitoring your partner’s breathing. It won’t take long until your partner thinks you are a professional.

Some people enjoy being scratched (lightly is recommended), others enjoy being licked, some prefer little circular movements, others enjoy hard deep massages, and yet others want them all. Besides giving ideas, we are unable to give you a road map to your partner’s body, as every person is different and enjoys different stimulation. This article will be extended in the near future to include some “hitting strokes”, and don’t forget to check the pleasing men and women sections to find ways to please each area of your partner’s body.

The best advice that we can give you is this … “know your partners body”. It is the people who know their partner’s bodies the best, who are usually remembered to be the best lovers!

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