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Male Masturbation Guide

Male Masturbation Guide

It is a well-known fact that men enjoy masturbation and virtually all men do it with some regularity. There is no maximum or minimum number of times a week you should masturbate. Masturbation is both physically and mentally giving, as well as spiritually fulfilling. There are no negative side effects associated with masturbating.

There are many different ways to reach a quality orgasm through masturbation and there is no ‘right’ way. Try different sensations out and see how you like them. Some people enjoy the feel of a full grip, some enjoy using both hands, while others only like to use their thumb and a couple of fingers. Regardless off your preference, lubricants and sex toys (like vibrators & masturbation sleeves) are just a few things to experiment with to find out what you like.

For the truly athletic amongst us, consider the possibilities of Autofellatio … the art of orally servicing oneself!

In regards to circumcised versus uncircumcised, it is typically easier to reach climax when you are the latter. Although being uncircumcised reduces friction between the hand and the glands head, it allows more flexibility in the style and length of your stroke.

Basic Stroke

Place one or both hands around your erect penis and stroke up and down along the shaft. If you require, use some water-based lubricant to increase pleasure. Some men enjoy encircling the head of the penis with each stroke.

Slapping and Beating

This technique involves a steady slapping of the penis back and forth between two hands, against the stomach, or against some other object.

Sources of Stimulation

When using one hand to masturbate, or with a partner, there is the opportunity to receive other forms of sexual stimulation at the same time. Many men find it pleasurable to fondle their scrotum, gently rub the perineum (area between scrotum and anus), and having their nipples rubbed.

The anus is a very sensitive location and applying pressure to the anal opening or gently inserting an object inside can be quite arousing. Many anal dildos, better known as butt plugs, are designed to target the prostate gland, which is another source of great pleasure that can only be reached through the rectum.

A variety of vibrators provide penile or anal stimulation. Vibrating bullets, vibrating sleeves, or spot vibrators can all provide intense stimulation to your erogenous zones.

Penis pumps have long been popular with men as masturbation devices. A generic penis pump consists of a long cylinder that fits over the penis and is attached via a tube to a pump. The pump creates a vacuum around the penis; in doing so it pulls blood into the area and temporarily enlarges the penis, a feeling many men find pleasurable. You should be sure to follow the recommendations for proper use and avoid using it at high pressure for longer than fifteen minutes. Be sure to use ample amounts of water-based lubricant inside the cylinder, as well as around the base of the penis. By doing so you will ensure a tight seal and thus better suction. Attachments for the nipples are available with some pumps.

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