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Kissing is a delicate art and must be taken slowly with a new partner. It can be part of foreplay/sex – or simply an incredibly enjoyable act of romance and intimacy in its own right.

A good kisser knows how to pace themselves, has an active imagination, and understands what their partner likes or may not expect, but will enjoy. When kissing, remember the following: never slobber (though moistened lips are fine and helpful), don’t stare and always pay attention with your non-visual senses (touch, hearing, etc.). Also, there is no such thing as ‘too slow’.

If you are unhappy with a kiss then chances are your partner is going to feel the same way. The best thing you can do is relax, and not just in your body, but your face, lips, neck, everywhere. Be relaxed and confident with how you kiss. Let yourself go with the flow of the moment and savour every second of it.

While you are kissing, remember to use your hands, nose, and breath to entice your partner’s senses. Everyone enjoys being touched and caressed while being kissed. Use your hands to gently caress the cheek, the jawbone, the back, arms, and collarbone. A gentle exhalation of air (remember that good mouth hygiene is important), can provide your partner with extremely light, warm feelings on their face, mouth and neck that are quite arousing.

Never “attack” someone when you kiss them, unless they like that sort of thing – and most people don’t. Treat their lips like you would a dangerous creature. Move in slow and prepare for the kiss. Initial contact should be lips only, firm, yet gentle. React to how your partner is kissing. If they speed up, speed up with them. If they slow down, follow suit. Try to synchronize your actions with one another and always pay attention to their body language.


So now you know how to ‘kiss with a difference’, all you need to do is go try it out. Remember, a badly executed kiss is a real turn-off, but a great kiss is memorable and can be totally seductive…

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