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2020 a big year

2020 Has seen a lot happen, has been a big year for us.

 The last 12 months has seen a lot of positives happen.

This time 12 months ago Custom Group Limited, had only just purchased the assets of JoannaG. and combined these with the online retail store R18 Store NZ.

We have this year re-registered the trademarks of JoannaG, and the JoannaG Logo,
Turned the JoannaG name into a brand instead of a store,
Developed an all new, all organic, NZ made Lubricant (With flavoured options coming in the new year).
Added new ranges to the R18 Store NZ / JoannaG Range.
Developed a new brand “Alt Fashion” which has been designed to have the clothing and footwear without all the kink.

2020 Has seen a lot of ups and downs for many, including us, but I think we can only say that our year has been a success. This success can’t have happened without the support of our great client base and supporters. Without you we might not have made it particularly during the main covid periods. 

2020 Saw the introduction of the Satisfyer pro 2 next gen, this Toy is New Zealand’s biggest selling toy, to our website, this has been a hit, and has been our most successful item this year. Often selling out of stock prior to them arriving.

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