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Become an affiliate, now is good.

With the current climate and the hold on in-home parties (To protect our staff and members of the public) we have seen an increase in online sales. People are now after more of a range of items and we are always developing the business model to suit.

Whilst it would be good to have face to face sales such as via retail stores, and party plans, we feel that the online market at this time is extremely strong. What helps this is when people know who they are buying off. If people know who they are buying from they have higher confidence in the company they are purchasing from.

At present, word of mouth, or affiliate sales plays a big part of our avenue for new customers. Once a purchase is made many come back for more.

Our affiliates not only get paid to refer sales to us in whatever means they want, we set you up with a link, provide a range of options for text or image links, or you can feel free to share the link directly with friends, family, on social media, websites, blogs noticeboards or whatever you feel like. The link places a cookie on the computer which lasts for 30 days, any sale which applies in the 30 days.

Affiliates also get a range of perks, from being able to receive discounts on products, access to sample / tester products. One of the best ways to sell items is to test and review, although not everyone’s cup of tea the options are there.

Some affiliates are making some good money referring sales to us, with us also expanding our range over the next few months the potential is extremely high, If you have a good affiliate record it could lead to a successful transition to the likes of an in home party planner.

To register as an affiliate with us please complete the form in the link below.

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