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Positive reviews flowing in for Lust Wax (Our in house Massage Wax)

We have started to receive a steady flow of positive reviews for our Lust Wax item, This massage wax was manufactured as to our specifications under our inhouse brand JoannaG.

The JoannaG Lust wax has received numerous glowing reviews, we are pleased this item which took a while to perfect and get, is getting well perceived by customers.

More fragrant options will be available shortly, all based on the same base wax.

Reviews for Lust Wax (Small selection)

A refreshing citrus / eucalyptus scent which is lovely and inviting.

Really easy to use and not thick and hard to massage and play with.

A little goes along way and doesn’t seem to affect my sensitive skin.

By a satisfied customer

An awesome blend which leaves the body feeling refreshed after a massage, no oily residue.

By a satisfied customer

Amazing massage wax that’s not hard at all

By a satisfied customer

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